sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012

Bradley Delay traditional flash tattoo

please visit this great blog

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  1. uhhh...a Betty Boop Tattoo, that's an idea :-))))

  2. Waouw, all things I love are on your blog man !!!

  3. this isnt his original work. it is by Owen Jensen. he just copied it at best and is selling it for profit. what a scum bag.

  4. Hey Suz! Brad Scum Bag Delay here! Just wanted to let you know the real story of this flash since it has your panties is a bunch. I painted these sheets to learn from the best, it used to be very common for a apprentice tattooer to repaint sheets to learn from them. So that's what I did. Truth be told I did sell about 4 or 5 sets of these paintings but they came with a card giving Owen Jensen full credit of course. A few more sets went to friends and included the same card. I'm sure you know that more than a few of these designs predate Jensen and he "copied" them, its happens in tattooing ya know.
    So, just wanted to let ya know, hopefully you've moved on and are doing ok. If you are ever in Portland look me up, I'd love to meet ya!

  5. great, great, great Flash tattoo!!!!!